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Bootney Lee Farnsworth

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  • Arent you a lawyer? I feel like i have seen you post that. And the way you dismantled the DHS thread... well... LOL
    I started riding with a group back in 1983. This was before clipless pedals and most of us didn't even have STI shifting. We'd meet in a big parking lot and there were 70 or 80 riders. We'd form for four or five groups and hit the roads. The fastest groups always turned into a race. Today everyone is going off road. I miss those early days.
    Bootney Lee Farnsworth
    Bootney Lee Farnsworth
    In Texas, it's a pretty big sport. On Saturdays, I ride with an organization that has over 1000 members. 600-700 people show up and go in 10-15 groups of 20-30 riders. Much better than riding solo in traffic. LOL
    I like your avatar. I'm 70. I have a Cannondale Super Six EVO. I was a Cat. 3 in 1990. I still ride but don't race.
    Thanks for following. I added you to my list. Oddly enough we she the exact same score on the Political Compass quiz. I think I might be one box up, though. I forget.
    Bootney Lee Farnsworth
    Bootney Lee Farnsworth
    I am not surprised one bit that our political compasses match up. I can always spot those who think like me and I follow those who I can tell align with my libertarian tendencies.
    Well, I know quite a few people who do ride. And a few miles down the road here is the youth academy for cyclist in Belgium. If your interested send me a pm I might be able to hook you up.
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