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  • post good threads. Thank you for raising the level of discussion :)
    Much appreciated, thank you.
    I agree with your profile's signature line.
    It took me more then three minutes to type, consider, and edit that comment that you replied to. Do you find it takes a while to comment to stay independent?
    No, not at all. To me, being independent doesn't mean I'm middle of the road. My opinions are just as strong as those of anyone else, the difference is that they don't obediently fall in line with those of the parties. I can just be honest and belch out whatever I'm thinking, and not worry about spinning for a "side". You don't have to spin if you're honest!
    I now realize that they want a dumbed down population of worker drones that don't want to educate their children, fight for better wages or expect a high quality of life. Is this something you Mac wishes to be against???? Come on.
    . The baron class is our enemy and has always been...The baron class wants to kill off our public sector and any laws that protect the little guy. Look at south asia or africa to realize that these people don't give two shits about human rights and consider for one second that the sides aren't equal in being right. I use to be a right winger but I slowly woke up from the the disinformation.
    That my friend is a sign of misdirection from brainwashing...Sadly, our biggest problem at this moment in history is the same one we had at the turn of the last century as the super rich have bought our media and have turned large parts of our population into a bunch of drones against their own interest and for the interest of the rich
    Stop acting like you're a fucking political centrist as you're clearly on the side of disinformation and the rich man. For one example; Something like single payer that works everywhere it has been tried yet people don't wish to hear all the facts on the matter as they don't understand basic political theory and considers everything the public sector does COMMUNISM. lol.
    I'm posting on your wall to publicly address your cocaine addiction. We love you and you need help.

    Have a good weekend. :)
    Goddamn it, you once again damn near made me spit out what I was drinking. You evil bastard, rot in hell.

    But have a great weekend too. ;-)
    I sent you a friends request. I hope that's okay. :) Some people are weird about that stuff. :D
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