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  • I see you are in denial mode the NFL iis as phony and scripted as pro thats okay,since unlike you,i am awake on this,i make monkey all the time on these superbowls since i know the outcome in advance all the
    No, not denial mode. Don't give a shit mode. I am enjoying the entertainment. I don't take the NFL that seriously.
    Hi! how are you?
    I am from Christchurch, New Zealand.. the place having lots of earthquakes!
    I was wondering if you mite be able to help my family out? We are entered in a competition, and the prize is $5,000 worth of DIY vouchers, which in Christchurch is like gold!

    Could you pretty please vote for us? it is through Facebook, and only take a couple of easy clicks!
    Ally in Mitre10: Playhouse Competition

    This is not spam, it is a genuine request from me and my family :)

    Thank you very much :)
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